I love when designers ask us for our opinions, I shows they are caring and attentive.

Kaithleen’s annual customer survey is now available to help Kaithleen’s find to find out more about your fashion and body preferences.

As a reward for participating every respondent will receive this gorgeous Urszula Dress in Smoke color for free and is exclusive to the survey. You can pop over to Kaithleen’s Main Store and touch the poster in the lobby OR complete the survey here – Kaithleen’s Annual Survey

Of course you can purchase Urszula Dress in 20 other colors, This also has the option for the group exclusive HUD!
Designed to fit eBody Curvy//Freya//Hourglass//Inithium//Legacy+Perky//Maitreya+Petite

Head – Catwa HDPRO – MajerSoft
Body – Legacy – Female Body
Shape & Skin – Eudora Beauty– Raika
Hair – Mina – Isabella

Pose – Foxcity – Curves
Backdrop – Foxcity – The Lux

You’re my Butterfly

You're my Butterfly

You’re My Butterfly

Your are the most beautiful thing
I’ve ever seen
You shine just like sunlight rays
On a winter snow
I just had to tell you so

Your eyes sparkle as the stars
Like the moon they glow
Your smile could light the world on fire
Or did you know?

Your minds full of everything
That I want to know
I just had to let you know
I just had to tell you so
Your’re my butterfly
Fly high
Fly fly fly

Lyrics/Song – Lenny Kravitz

The Liaison Collaborative has started their new round for the month until May 10 and there is some designs you must have!! Secret Poses is one of them!

Secret PosesButterflies includes 5 static poses with mirrors, animated dog with poses, butterfly props to be added

Vinyl exclusive at Uber Event until April 22. Last day! Will be available at main store shortly after event is over.

Bergamot Top is available in 18 color options, each including HUD change 2 versions Clean and Torn and change of lace color. Fatpack includes all colors.
Designed to fit Alice//Freya//Isis//Legacy//Maitreya+Petite//Slink

I paired the top with this skirt that can be found at Vinyl main store!
Chica Denim Skirt is available in 16 color options, each include HUD to have belt on/off and beads in 18 color options, 4 button options.
Designed to fit Alice//Freya//Isis//Legacy//Maitreya//Slink

Head – Catwa HDPRO – MajerSoft
Body – Legacy – Female Body
Shape & Skin – Eudora Beauty– Raika
Hair – Monso – Jihyo

Jewelry – Earthstones – Eternally Wedding Set

Tylar’s Treasures – Chandler Set – Spring Garden, lounge, Gazebo, flower planter. All sold individually.

Little Fire

Little Fire

Well I woke up to something expected but unappreciated today… DAMN SNOW!! Although it is beautiful and fresh on the budding trees it is also cold and damp! My tulips are doing ok at least but I have a little Robins nest on my window sill, I hope it doesn’t hurt them or the tiny eggs.

One thing about Canada, you always have that last hoorah snowfall in April. Just to remind us not to complain when it gets blazing hot in the summer. I would much prefer fall to spring weather over summer any day!

I have some great designs for you today, I hope you like them! Stay safe and enjoy your day.

Sense Event is open!! I have some amazing skin and nails for you today! You can purchase these until May 8.

CH SkinsGreta is designed for Catwa HDPro Bento Heads, available in 5 tones, each come with eyebrow color tattoo, cleavage/no cleavage, eyebrows/no eyebrows, BOM only for Belleza, Legacy, Maitreya & Slink Bodies.

Tulssy Nail’s ArtFire are available in 4 style options, each include HUD to change 5 textures to Mix & Match.
Designed for Belleza//Legacy//Maitreya//Slink

Versios et Mailloux has an amazing deal on at the Dubai Event. These gorgeous earrings are just $49L until May 10. Make sure you check out the exclusive Barney’s on Friday heels and bag.

Versois et MaillouxSlippin Earrings.V2 includes 7 Metal option HUD. Unrigged.

Head – Catwa HDPRO – MajerSoft
Body – Legacy – Female Body
Shape – Wren’s Nest – Marla
Skin – CH Skins – Greta
Eyes – Euphoric – Enigma
Hair – Phoenix – Fleur

Make up
Slack girl – HDPro Eyeshadow 13
Modish – Cara Evening Lipstick

Outift – Liziaah – Avery top

Pose – Foxcity – Portrait
Backdrop – Bdrop – Oriental Desert House

Life at the Office

Life at the Office

Another day in the office.. I think I will take my morning break however as I need another cup of coffee. Thank fully my kitchen is just steps away!

I love business attire, when I worked in retail it was nice to dress like you are going to a fashion show!.. What I do not miss is the endless hours and holiday working. Oh and rude customers. I can imagine with this pandemic life is so much worse for the ones who are out there on the front line working through it, this certainly is not a friendly time in our world. Stay kind to one another, I have seem some pretty awful stuff on social media and I know we can be better than this.

Today I have found that power suit for you at the Swank Event designed by GAS. You can purchase this until April 30!!

GASLadies Suit Chayenne includes a 10 color HUD to change Jacket, Shirt and Pants. 3 pant length options as well!
Designed to fit Classic//eBody//Maitryea//Slink//Tonic

Beauty Sales Event will be opening its doors to the new round starting April 21. I have this gorgeous purse that will be available designed by My Bags by Mila

My Bags by MilaMy Chennai is available in 6 options each back include gold or silver metal and hand/arm pose. Fatpack is available.

Head – LAQ – Neve Bento Head
Body – Tonic – Fine Beauty
Skin – LAQ – Hazel Skin
Hair – Kuni – Duda

Tattoo – Leven Ink – Perla

Jewelry & Accessories
Deep Static – Allison Glasses
Livido – Valentine Collar
Earthstones – Eternally Wedding Ring

Pose – Fashion Freak – She’s fine AF
Backdrop- Empowered – Office

Club 55

Club 55

Happy Monday!! I hope you had fabulous weekend! Mondays are not always crazy bad. I mean for those working of course it can be stressful at times, I remember when I was working for a physician and I hated Mondays. All the messages from the weekend to tend too, faxes to do and receive all the mail. It was hectic but it made the day go by fast. I do miss working as I loved my job. Unfortunately like many here in Second Life I am unable to work due to health concerns.

So I am pouring all my energy and creativity into blogging for some fabulous events and sponsors. Today I bring you my sponsors that have amazing designs at events right now. Ready? I sure am!

Itty Bitty Titty Committee will be closing in a few short days for April round on the 23rd. There is still time to grab this awesome outfit designed by Meva!

MevaRonja Outfit consists of top, skirt and boots each sold individually including HUDs to change 7 color options for various parts of outfit, and 5 metal options.
Designed for Maitreya+Petite only

Pretty Event at the middle of the event and you have until April 30th. to try out this gorgeous skin from 7 Deadly Skins.

7 Deadly SkinsMahony is designed for Lelutka Evolution bento heads, available in light and dark tones each include 5 skin options with and without brow. BOM ONLY. Shape sold separately

I am in love with Tulssy Nail’s Art’s new designs available at Sense Event until May 8.

Tulssy Nail’s ArtFire are available in 4 style options, each include HUD to change 5 textures to Mix & Match.
Designed for Belleza//Legacy//Maitreya//Slink

Head – Lelutka Evo – Fleur
Body – Maitreya – Petite
Shape & Shape – 7 Deadly Skins – Mahony (Walnut)
Hair – Analog Dog – Ciera

Tattoo – Apollemis – Apple & Jasmine Blossom Sleeve

Rise Designs – Galaxa Necklace
Earthstones – Eternally Wedding Set
Meva – Alex Bento Rings

Pose – Foxcity – Kill this Love
Backdrop – Foxcity – Fifty Five

Color Me Up

Color Me Up

It has been a long day today! I needed a little pick me up and this outfit was perfect for this!! I love flowers and gardens, and if i could get away with an old run down piano in my rl garden I would certainly have one. Add some color to your life and go for those that are brighter and you will find a much happier mood come to you!

Unik Event Exclusives available until April 28! I’m loving these today.

LIZIAAHAerin Outfit is available in 8 color options or Fatpack
Designed for Legacy+Perky//Maitreya+Petite

No.MatchNo Flag is available in 9 color pack options or Fatpack. Each include 2 sizes with rig/unrigged, hair base applier and BOM.

7 Deadly Skins has designed this gorgeous skin available at WIP Event until April 22.

7 Deadly SkinsSter is designed for Catwa HDPro Heads and available in 6 skin tones each come with BOM and Omega applier. Full body with and without brows.

Head – Catwa HDPRO – MajerSoft
Body – Legacy – Female Body
Shape – Eudora Beauty– Raika
Skin – 7 Deadly Skins – Ster (Taupe)
Hair – No.Match – No Flag

Slack Girl – HDPRO Shadow 13
Booty’s Beauty – Chica Style Lipstick
Tulssy Nail’s Art – Bride

Jewelry & Accessories
Versois et Mailloux – Essential Collection Earrings & Bracelets
LODE – Head Accessory – Pandora

MOoH! – Music Deco Gacha – Piano with owl RARE

Secret Poses – Laura

Sun Kissed Skin

Sun KissedSkin

Ahhh the sun on my skin.. it is getting to that time of year when we bare it all or cover up a little and get that sun kissed glow on our skin.

I am happy in Second Life we do not get sun burnt unless we have an applier for that!! In real life i burn like a lobster so I stay out of the sun. Which brings me to this post!!

The Itty Bitty Titty Committee is well under way and will be finishing in a few days!! There are some amazing designers and you can catch this round until April 23.

Zara KentGiselle Bikini is available in 8 color options, each come with HUD to change fishnet. Fatpack includes 22 color options Via HUD.
Designed for Inithium Original+Kups//Legacy+Perky-Petite//Maitreya+Petite

Head – Genus Project – Classic W002
Body – Maitreya – Lara Petite
Shape & Skin – 7 Deadly Skins – Savanna (Taupe)
Hair – Doux – Chill

Nails – Tulssy Nail’s Art – Peacock

Decor Bee Designs – Plate with fruits Special Moments – Tropical Drink Tray

Pose – Ana Boutique – Charisma #2
Backdrop – Sorumin – Summer Kiosk

Sweet…but Psycho??

Sweet...but Psycho??

Sweet but Psycho — hmm maybe that is me. No I am pretty laid back and easy going. I don’t go in all crazy mode. I have this ability to just walk away from things and not look back, feel no remorse or anything for that matter. I learned a long time ago if it doesnt make you happy why bother. Choose a different path and carry forward. Learn from your experience and don’t repeat it. So

So my new path has taken me down an awesome road these last couple years and my newest one lead me to this amazing event I am lucky to be blogging for!

The Inithium Event opens its doors on April 18 for its Debut!! I had the opportunity to wander around the event and there are some amazing designers!! It caters to the Inithium bodies Kupra and Kupra Kups (Smaller breast) You will find wide variety of exclusives and updated to Kupra designs at this event. So grab that partners wallet and you can start shopping tomorrow until May 10!

Here are a few things you can find at the event!

WOW SkinsKylie Skin and shape is designed for Genus Project & Lelukta Evo Bento Heads is available in 7 tones. Full Body BOM , 2 cleavage options, chubby belly option, Omega and Maitreya Applier and shape is mod/copy. Shown on Genus Project

GulabiTrish Shrug & Pants are sold in color packs separately or available in fatpacks.
Designed to fit Belleza//eBODY-Curvy//Dev Fitness//Inithium//Legacy//Maitreya//Sking//Slink

FormaNailsElena Nails include HUD to change textures and Metals.
Designed for Inithium Bodies only

No.MatchNo Sunray is available in 5 color options, each include 2 sizes with 4 chest variations.

KC CoutureCharm Pumps include HUD to change 50 color options on various part of the shoe.
Designed to fit Belleza//Inithium//Legacy//Lovemomma//Maitryea//Slink

Sassy Sweet PosesSassy Boxed includes 10 static bento poses with mirrors and animated cube with poses.

Head – Genus Project – Classic W002
Body – Inithium – Kupra Kups
Shape & Skin – WOW Skins– Kylie (Honey)
Hair – No.Match – No Sunray

Bubble – Blair Jewelry Set (Necklace)
Earthstones – Eternally Wedding Set

Pose – Sassy Sweet Poses – Sassy Boxed
Backdrop – Foxcity – The Ward

City Lights

City Lights

Happy Friday Night! Just a quick one tonight with some new fabulous finds for you! I hope you enjoy your weekend and be safe!!

Here I am all decked out in GA.EG today. The newest release Rachel Mesh bento head. You can purchase the head and skin now at the main store. There is also some gorgeous makeup available that is designed for GA.EG heads
Diva Combos – Eye-shadows and Lipsticks are available in BOM, Omega and Add-ons.

eBento has some amazing designs this month as always I am drawn to TONIC’s newest release! I always find her designs fun and flirty! This cute tank is available at eBento until April 30!

Tonic Hang Loose Tank includes a 32 Color HUD with a tucked and un-tucked version
Designed for Tonic Bodies only!

I paired the tank with Influence High Waisted Jeans also available at Tonic Main Store. Included are HUD for 32 Color options and 4 versions

West End has this amazing pose for group gift at the main store.
Double Take IV includes 2 static poses with mirrors and pose balls.

Lybra has this newer release available at the main store!! I am in love with these flats!
Mignon is available in 2 patterns, sold individually or packs.
Designed for Belleza//Kupra//Legacy//Maitreya//Slink

Head – GA.EG – Rachel
Body – Tonic – Fine Beauty
Shape & Skin – GA.EG – Rachel
Hair – Phoenix – Lea

Pose – West End – Double Take IV
Backdrop – The Bearded Guy – Exotica – Sunny Gacha (Unik Event)



It is Friday! I am in a foul mood today lol, guess not enough coffee in my system before tackling the grocery store. I am sitting here having a nice cuppa joe and finally able to let this annoying stress from stupid people go. Every had a day like that?

Today I am bringing you a couple things from Unik Event and closer up of CH Skin and Cheekie dress I previously wore to see the details a little better.

Rise Designs is one of my favorite jewelry stores and I love blogging her items and pretty much dont pass buying them when I see in other events. It is my go to for jewelry due to the unique designs.

The eyes from Amacale are just delicious, they are so subtle but sexy I am in love.

Unik has these amazing designs available for you until April 28th!

CheekieMaeve Dress is available in 9 color options, each includes dress in modest & transparent, panties and HUD to change Metal and Sparkles on/off. Fatpack includes all to mix & match and 4 bonus sparkle color.
Designed for Freya//Maitreya+Petite

CH SkinsHoshi is available in 5 tones and designed for Catwa HDPro Heads, each come with eyebrow color tattoo, cleavage/no cleavage, eyebrows/no eyebrows, BOM only for Belleza, Legacy, Maitreya & Slink Bodies.

Rise DesignCarolina Set is available as a set or sold individually, both necklace and earrings include HUD to change gem, pearl and metals.

AmicaleEnvase Eyes are available in 5 color options, each include HUD for Catwa+HD, Lelutka Evo and BOM. Shown wearing A1.

Head – Catwa HDPRO – Queen
Body – Maitreya – Lara
Shape – Pretty Pixels – Queen
Skin – CH Skins – Hoshi (Coffee)
Hair – Kuni – Olivia (Equal10)