Sunrise Delight

Sunrise delight

I am totally loving this sunrise I had this morning while drinking my coffee. I was a nice and quiet morning to enjoy the sales and relax afterwards.

I picked up this awesome tower designed by Kalopsia during my Saturday Morning sales travels. It’s perfect on my beach for these sunrise moments.

I wanted to be extra comfy today while I hopped around doing my shopping so I chose my favorite top and shorts from Vinyl Apparel. I just love my butt in these shorts…

You can grab these both at Vinyl’s main store!

Donut Denim Shorts are available in 16 color options, can wear these alone or they fit over the Jelly Leggings that are included as well as the belt!
Designed to fit Alice//Freya//Isis//Legacy//Maitreya//Slink

Sleepy Tee is available in 17 color options, each includes HUD to have optional texture.
Designed to fit Alice//Freya//Isis//Legacy//Maitreya+Petite//Slink

Head – Catwa HDPRO – MajerSoft
Body – Maitreya – Lara Petite
Shape & Skin – Eudora Beauty – Raika
Hair – Magika – Rowan

Jewelry – Earthstones – Eternally Wedding Set

Kalopsia – Maeva’s Beach Tower

Pose – Foxcity – Early Mornings


Its so Fluffy!

It's so Fluffy

Scandalize exclusive available at COLLABOR 88 Event until August 6.

ScandalizeNathalei Set – Top, Jeans and Heels available in 20 solid color options each. Fatpack top gives you additional 20 color and 40 pattern options, Heels fatpack gives additional 20 extra color options.
Designed to fit Kupra//Legacy+Perky//Maitreya+Petite

Kitty Kate Shapes is at 60 Special GO!! until July 31.

Kitty Kate Shapes – Ryn is designed for LeL EvoX Ceylon bento heads, includes is shape, brow and full style card.

Head – Lelutka EvoX – Ceylon
Body – Maitreya – Lara
Shape – Kitty Kate Shapes – Ryn
Skin Face – Heron – Ellie (03/Perle)
Skin Body – Melvita – Chubby Skin Maitreya
Hair – Wasabi – Shae (FLF)

Nails – Tulssy Nails Art – Boho

Jewelry – Earthstones – Eternally Wedding Set

Scarlet Creative – Monteverde Sofa & Rough Luxe Painted Rug

Pose – Secret Poses – Shiro the Cat Gacha (Ultra rare)

Good Girl

Good Girl

You’re a good girl
I know you want it
I know you want it
I know you want it
You’re a good girl
Can’t let it get past me
You’re far from plastic
Talkin’ ’bout getting blasted
I hate these blurred lines
I know you want it
I know you want it
I know you want it
But you’re a good girl
The way you grab me
Must wanna get nasty
Go ahead, get at me – Blurred Lines – Robin Thicke

Kaithleen’s exclusive at Dubai Event until August 12.

Kaithleen’sPahla Top is available in 20 colors and 1 exclusive VIP color HUD for in-world group members! Fatpack also available.
Designed to fit eBody Curvy//Frya//Hourglass//Legacy+Perky//Maitreya+Petite

I have paired these with Kaithleen’s Biker Leather Pants that you can find at the Main Store

7 Deadly Skins has this great deal on for this skin for Lel EvoX at the main store, not sure how long this will last but hurry and grab it, don’t forget to grab the Neck Fades for Free you will def need them!

7 Deadly SkinsClueless is available in 10 tones, each include brow/browless and shape. Shown wearing Marshmallow.

Head – Lelutka EvoX – Briannon
Body – Maitreya – Lara
Shape & Skin – 7 Deadly Skins – Clueless (Marshmallow)
Eyes – Euphoric – Alice
Hair – Doux – Ara

Cosmetics – Amara Beauty – Callie Makeup BOM

Jewelry – Earthstones – Rainbow Earrings & Necklace

Used Meshudio for this post today.

amara beauty

You’re my Everything

You're my Everything

You’re a falling star, you’re the get away car.
You’re the line in the sand when I go too far.
You’re the swimming pool, on an August day.
And you’re the perfect thing to say.

And you play it coy but it’s kinda cute.
Ah, when you smile at me you know exactly what you do.
Baby don’t pretend that you don’t know it’s true.
’cause you can see it when I look at you. Michael Bublé – Everything

I am loving this outfit designed by Dolly Daydream. Its adorable and so cute, you can find Molly set at The Itty Bitty Titty Committee until July 23.

Dolly DaydreamMolly Set includes Top, Jeans, Bracelet, Scrunchie for arm, pet toy(Not shown) and sneakers. HUDs included to change colors and accents.
Designed to fit Legacy+Perky//Maitreya+Flat+Petite//Tweenster Girl/Boy

Head – Lelutka – Nova
Body – Maitreya – Lara
Shape – Wren’s Nest – Nanci (Swank)
Skin – Session – Matilda (Tone 1)
Hair – Truth – Reyane VIP

Head – Catwa – Daniel
Body – Belleza – Jake
Shape – Wren’s Nest – Zane
Skin – Birth – Blaze (Tone 03)
Hair – Wings – TZ0906

etiquette – Enzo’s Gacha Leather Jacket, Jeans
etiquette – Vince Gacha Sneakers

RiDECO – Train Engine – Yellow
Peculiar Things – Lady Peculiar Luggage

Pose – West End – Unspoken

Hey Baby, need a ride?

Hey Baby, need a ride?

Let’s talk about Riding Sims, we all know about the MCs in Second Life and they enjoy some time to get out on the road and drive. There are some specific locations that cater to this need.

My good friend Cordell has a riding sim call Den of Hell. It isn’t just a riding sim, its a great place to explore, rent a home, get a lil kinky and more. There is a total of 14 areas that you can visit in the teleporter and they are all awesome. Have an look around and enjoy! Leave him some linden lovin if you are so inclined to help with upkeep.

Lets get Swanky at Swank (see what i did there?) you can grab this gorgeous shape and sexy dress until July 31. swank
Wren’s NestNanci is designed for LeL Nova bento heads, includes 3 starter shapes and brows, style card.

HeroFloriana Outfit includes dress, panties and sneakers (not shown)
Designed to fit Freya//Hourglass//Isis//Legacy+Perky//Maitreya+Petite

New Release by Tulssy Nail’s Art available at Sense Event until August 8.

Tulssy Nail’s ArtRacer is available in 2 shapes, each include HUD to change 3 textures to mix & match.
Designed for Belleza//Legacy//Maitreya//Slink

Head – Lelutka – Nova
Body – Maitreya – Lara
Shape – Wren’s Nest – Nanci
Skin – Session – Matilda (Tone 1)
Hair – Monso – Lena2

Letis Tattoo – Spica & Time Birds

RealEvil Industries – Black Widow Rings

Optimus Race – FF1932 Concept Rod

Pose – West End – Hey Baby Hey
Location – Den of Hell

Time out

Time out

What a hot day here in Ontario. Very hazy as well between the heat and smoke for our norther forest fires. Hopefully those will be under control soon. This year seems to be high for fires, storms, floods and so forth. I feel for the people who are directly impacted by these disasters. Nothing can prepare you for any of this.

I can however prepare you for shopping here in SL. So please stay safe and have a wonderful evening.

This month is moving fast and you can still shop at 60 Special Go!! until July 31 60special

Giulia DesignSharlene Gown is available in 5 color options.
Designed to fit Belleza//Maitreya//Slink

CH SkinsGiulia is designed for Genus Project bento heads. 5 skin tone options available with each including Brow/no brow, cleavage. FULLY BOM.

Head – Genus Project – Classic W002
Body – Maitreya – Lara
Shape – Shei Shapes – Yana
Skin – CH Skins – Giulia (Amber)
Hair – Stealthic – Fatal

Izzie’s – Mouth Corner Concealer
ALMA Makeup – Beauty Mark
Tulssy Nail’s Art – Silver
Idtty Faces – New Era

Cae – Ayana Necklace
EarthStones – Eternally Bridal Set

Dreamland Design – Old Stone Fountain
HISA – Climbing Vines
Hive – Tabby’s Terrace Skybox

Pose – Secret Poses – Valentina

One Last Taste

One last taste.

One last bite
I strike your veins
Overwhelming your senses
Leaving your body defenseless
Your mind numb
The poison ubiquitous

My Venom materializes
Through many patterns it arrives
Though all equal
It spreads fast
Until your blood is poisoned
Your body is my malice

No use trying to fight
Let it ease your pain
I engulf your presence
My Venom is bitterness
But to you it’s as sweet as gum
Now enjoy the sweetness

But you never realize
You won’t survive
My Venom is not fit for people
The world is vast
You can find another person
A new palate

Poison is poison
It’s not good for your health
You’ve become an addict
Look for something that doesn’t constrict
Or one that crawls
Something that you can trust
One you can hold without a glove

Person to person
My disease is stealth
It’s not worth the risk
It’s a toxin that restricts
Now, pour on the alcohol
And suck out the musk
One last taste of my Love – Troubled Mind

Exclusive design by Key Style at The Darkness Event until July 28.

Key StyleArtica Dress includes dress, necklace, hat and heels as well as HUD with 5 color options for dress only.
Designed to fit Belleza//Maitreya//Slink

Head – Catwa HDPRO – MajerSoft
Body – Maitreya – Lara
Shape – Mellow Shapes – Molly
Skin – CH Skins – Silvia
Hair – Truth – Meadow

Tattoo – Juna Artistic Tattoo – Nahesa

Jewelry – Earthstones – Eternally Wedding Set

Pose – Le Poppycock – My Sweet
Backdrop – Meshudio



Happy Monday! Let’s kick start this week with some good vibes and happiness. So I recieved my new Inithium Update and I cannot for the life of me change my nails. I am not sure it if is a glitch but even when I tried to redeliver there was no bodies to be found. Then my brain clicked and was like umm add nails dufus.

So I got that all sorted out and I think I am in love with this look today!!

July round of Inithium Event is amazing!! So many good finds! Go check out these exclusives I found until August 8.

Just BecauseNatasha Top & Skirt is available in 18 color options. Sold separately and in individual color options, fat pack and demo available.
Designed for Kupra//Legacy+Perky//Maitreya+Petite

!ND/MDBeo is designed for Catwa HDPro bento heads (Best suited for Queen/Sasa) is available in 10 shades. Head Skins, Shape and Body Skins are all sold individually. Body skins used are Kawaii body skins.

Head – Catwa HDPRO – Queen
Body – Inithium – Kupra
Shape & Shape – !ND/MD – Beo (Tawny)
Hair – Doux – Savannah

Slack Girl – Catwa HDPRO – Shadow 05
Formanails – Anke
Idtty Faces – Catwa Sun Flower Lipstick 9

Earthstones – Eternally Wedding Set
Orsini – Lou Ring
Just Because – Abby Necklace

Pose – Foxcity – Delicate
Backdrop – Tropix – Oriental Desert House

Don’t fly away!

Don't Fly Away!

This has got to be the sweetest dress around for little girls. My little Suri is out wandering around the yard and came across this butterfly that landed right on her nose. A few more friends joined in on the fun!

You can find this cute new release at Swank & Co. Kids main store. Play a game or 2 before rushing in to the store, there is lots of fun stuff to look at and do there!

Swank & Co. Kids Ladybug Summer Dress is available in 8 color options or fatpack.
Designed to fit Toddleedoo Baby/Fitted/Kid

Head & Body Toddleedoo – Baby Mesh Head Alex & Body
Shape – Dollface – Tara
Skin – enfer sombre – Kimi (Peach)
Hair – Wasabi Pills – Patty

Pose – Winter Ravens – Butterfly Fly Away Pose

I think I have everything..

I think I have everything

Long ago, before I started blogging I love to sail around Blake Sea. I also had my own little island and I so miss that. Being able to just hop in my boat and go explore. SOme days the lag was hell. There is so much to see if you have not done this in SL. There are actual mermaids, ship wrecks, and you can even get chased by pirates. There is just so much open water that you can sail it is unreal.

I have a whole fleet of sailboats and speeds. I guess I need to get back out and enjoy it again. I found the perfect outfit to do it in as well!!

Have Unequal will have this exclusive at the upcoming Dubai event that starts June 20.

Have UnequalEnola Shorts are available in 9 color options, each including HUD to change waist, pocket and metal colors. Fatpack and demo available.
Designed to fit Legacy//Maitreya

Grab this coordinating top designed by Have Unequal at The Liaison Collaborative opening July 18 until August 10.

Have UnequalEnola Top is available in 11 solid & 7 Ombre color options, each include HUD to change color or bow on the back. Fatpack and Demo available.
Designed to fit Legacy//Maitreya

West End has a new group gift for you at the main store.

Double Take VI includes 2 female bento poses. Static and poseballs included.

Exclusive release by Phoenix Hair at Fameshed Event until July 27.

Phoenix Mila hair is available in 3 color pack options, each include HUD to change color of hair, style and add hat on or off using style HUD of color options for hat and band.

Head – Catwa HDPRO – MajerSoft
Body – Legacy – Female Body
Shape & Skin – Eudora Beauty– Raika
Hair – Phoenix – Mila

Jewelry – Earthstones – Eternally Wedding Set

The Mesh Shop – Bandit 470
Half-Deer – Pomeranian
Reign– Weekender Bag