A Mermaid’s Life

A Mermaids Life

The Endless Sea
At times I’m fearful and want to hide from the world
Rolled into safekeeping like a sail furled
A port in the storm where I can take refuge
A hidden cove protected from life’s deluge

Is there such a place where I can be free
Swept away from worry, care and anxiety
In all of its vastness I turn to the sea
As wave upon wave washes over me

Like a mermaid I’d swim away from shore
Until I could not see land anymore
And stream through the depths where I will break free
As free as a mermaid in the endless sea – Unknown

Feel the Tropical Island Heat event at Swank until July 31! So many awesome designers to choose from! I have a couple for you today! Every month there is a draw for 5,000L! Check it out!

M&T Garage Aqua Shape is designed for Lelutka Milan included is 7 starter shapes for popular mesh bodies, brow and style card.
Aqua Mermaid Lips & Aqua eyeshadow for Lelutka EvoX includes HUD with 8 color option in vibrant colors. Lipstick and eyeshadow sold separately

7 Deadly SkinsParijs is designed for Lelutka EvoX. 10 Full body skin tone options each include brow/no brow versions. Ear tattoo are available at the main store for no extra charge. All tones and shape sold individually. Demo available

Head – Lelutka EvoX – Milan
Body – Maitreya – Lara
Shape – M&T Garage – Aqua
Skin – 7 Deadly Skins – Parijs (Caramel)
Hair – Limerence – Mermaid Gacha
Eyes – Profect – Venus
Brows – Warpaint – Anthea (Wilds)

Meva – Mermaid Necklace 2
Limerence – Mermaid Facegems & Headband (dark) Gacha

Pose – Focus Poses – Ocean Child
Backdrop – Focus Poses – Tropical Beach

Delicate Beauty

Delicate Beauty

Exclusives at Swank’s Tropical Island Heat round you can find these fabulous designers!

Wren’s NestMarvi shape designed for Lelutka Milan, included is 3 brow shapes, 4 starter shapes and style card.

Heartsdale JewelryFlora Collection includes earrings, and necklace with HUD to customize gems and metals.

Booty’s BeautyLaila Eyeshadow designed for LeL EvoX heads, BOM Only includes 12 shadows.
Tigra designed for LeL Evo & EvoX, HUD included with 12 shades of glossy lips

Head – Lelutka EvoX – Milan
Body – Maitreya – Lara
Shape – Wren’s Nest – Marvi
Skin – Deetalez – Cassidy (Eastern)
Hair – Stealthic – Lethal

Accessories – Lode – Pretty Things Aster

Pose – Foxcity – Babe



I love you more
Than any storm that’s coming
Let the sky keep falling
Yeah, the world’s got nothing on us
You won’t scare me away
So bring on the rain

I love you more
Than any tide that’s turning
Let the sun keep burning
No it won’t be perfect, but
On the worst of our days
That’s what I mean when I say
I love you more Avery Anna – I Love You More

Exclusive this month at Swank Celebration of Color Event until June 30.

YoUnique Couture Dottie outfit includes top, capri jeans and collar. Each has HUD to customize
Designed to fit Freya//Isis//Legacy//Maitreya//Slink

YoUnique Couture Vada Heels include HUD to customize
Designed to fit Belleza//Matireya//Slink

Head – Lelutka EvoX – Avalon
Body – Maitreya – Lara
Shape – Eudora Beauty – Jordan
Skin – Not Found – Joy (Peach)
Hair – Doux – Chill

Nails – Stunner Original – Bento Nails Mesh Ballerina Long

Jewelry & Accessories
Deep Static – Vesper Glasses
GeWunjo : Caesy Earring
MY BAGS by Mila Blauvelt – MY Spring Black (Kinder for Kinder)
Swallow – Princess Rings

Kaithleen’s -Diamond Gacha – Black Bra

Pose – Secret Poses – Aura
Location – Calas Galadhon Park

Dream BIG!

Dream BIG!

Here we are in June already…the days are going too fast. Sometimes we struggle to keep up on simple daily things. Most of us here in Second Life are a lot alike i think, we have a need to fill, a dream we may not be able to have in our real lives, to work, to love, to have a family. We are all here for different reasons, and we should embrace them. You have a dream, you want it so go for it. It is Second Life! We can have these things. We can be beautiful, we can be successful.

For me I am going to learn how to mesh, make my own unique things, I want to have it all in Second life, the love, marriage, pregnancy, family. One day I will have this, and maybe one day your dreams will come true too!

Swank Celebration of Color Event has officially started and you can shop until June 30! As always there are so many fabulous designers in this event you really do not want to miss it!! Here are a couple you will love!

Wren’s NestQiana Shape is designed for Catwa HDPro Queen, included is brow shapes, 4 starter Shapes and Style card.

Vips CreationsNikita2 includes HUD to mix and match top and Shorts, one piece outfit.
Designed for Freya//Isis//Legacy//Maitreya//Ocacin//Slink//Standard//Tonic//Voluptuous

Heartsdale JewelryKumari Bangles includes HUD to customize

Head – Catwa HDPRO – Queen
Body – Legacy – Female Body
Shape – Wren’s Nest – Qiana Skin – Skinnery – Eva (Toffee)
Eyes – Avi-Glam – Birthstone
Hair – Doux – Somi

Jewelry – Heartsdale Jewelry – Boho Elegance

Pose – Foxcity – Candy Candy
Backdrop – Foxcity – Afterparty

Sun Beams

Sun Beams
Warm Glow

I do not blog much anymore. I do not really miss it as I am so busy with other jobs here in SL. But it is nice to take a break and get my fashion on. I now only blog for those that I work for when I can, Swank being one of the biggest events there is certainly a lot to choose from. We have amazing designers and I love this BOHO CHIC event this month!

Swank Boho Chic Event is ready for you!! Shop to your hearts content until May 31. Here is what I have for you today that can be found at Swank Events.

UpBeatZ – Michelle is designed for Lelutka Lake is available in 6 body shapes, includes brow shape and style card. All shapes are Copy/Mod

Heartsdale Jewelry – Pearls for Thera is a gorgeous set included is Necklace and Earrings, HUD to customize and resize on touch.

Queen – BOM ADVX & EVOX Shadow 02 includes 8 BOM shadows in beautiful vibrant colors.

Sentinus – Lia Mini Dress is available in 9 options or Fatpack.
Designed to fit Belleza//Maitreya//Slink

Head – Lelutka EvoX – Lake
Body – Maitreya – Lara
Shape – UpBeatZ – Michelle
Skin – Glam Affair – Rose (Honey)
Hair – Wasabi – Happy (Previous Gacha Rare)

Simple BloomEvoX AVALON LS SA [Brow A] 05
Booty’s Beauty – Anuli (Lipstick)
RealEvil Industries – Glam Nails & Rings

RealEvil Industries – Aurora Bracelets

Pose – Foxcity – Why Not

Grey Skies

Grey Skies

To tell me you need me

Hold my hand, everything will be okay
I heard from the heavens that clouds have been grey
Pull me close, wrap me in your aching arms
I see that you’re hurtin’, why’d you take so long

To tell me you need me? I see that you’re bleedin’
You don’t need to show me again
But if you decide to, I’ll ride in this life with you
I won’t let go ’til the end

So cry tonight
But don’t you let go of my hand
You can cry every last tear
I won’t leave ’til I understand
Promise me, just hold my hand

Raise your head, look into my wishful eyes
That fear that’s inside you will lift, give it time
I can see everything you’re blind to now
Your prayers will be answered, let God whisper how Lady Gaga – Hold my Hand

Swank Boho Chic Event has opened and there is so much beautiful things for you!!! You have lots of time ot shop as this round will be done May 31!

Wren’s Nest – Pelea shape is designed for AK ADVX Head Penny, if you didnt know this head also supports EVOX skins and cosmetics! Included you will find 4 starter shapes and 3 brow shapes, and style card.

Kaos Tattoo – Stay Whit Me is a full body tattoo included is 3 shades of strength and Appliers for Belleza/Legacy/Maitreya/Omega/Signature/Slink

Booty’s Beauty – Nuwa Eyeshadow is designed for Lelutka EvoX and included is 12 shadows and also 12 at a 30% lighter shade.

If Design – Dharsy includes Bra, Top, Skirt and C-String. HUD includes to mix and match your own color choices
Designed for Kupra//Legacy//Maitreya//Reborn

Head – AK ADVX – Penny
Body – Maitreya – Lara
Shape – Wren’s Nest – Pelea
Skin – leLapeau – Kim (Sienna)
Eyes – Avi-Glam – Solstice
Hair – KUNI – Kali

Booty’s Beauty – Bellini Lips 17
Brows – Simple BloomEvoX AVALON LS SA [Brow A] 05

Pose – Indigo – Luna

Powder Pink

Powder Pink
Pink Petals

I do not often blog on a regular basis anymore. I do what I can when I have an urge to show off beautiful creations.. Not that there isn’t many many out there I am limited on time. What was once my passion that drove me now is a hobby to me.

So I find when its late, and my head needs to let go of thoughts and just be in a non work related mindset I can do a blog. Do I miss it at all, well yes and no but I certainly do not miss the deadlines and force myself the creativity. In the end I felt I was inadequate as a blogger and moved to stepping up my management skills. Started my own creations using templates. Never know maybe I will branch out into making my own mesh one day but thats a long way off.

I love my jobs I have in SL. Blog managing can be a challenge on its own but event managing is a whole other ball game and I am challenged everyday. I certainly wouldn’tchange a thing.

Now what i have today for you can be found at this round of Swank “Hollywood Glam” Event until April 30.

I absolutely love this round and simply needed to show off a few of our designers and their gorgeous creations.

My Dress is designed by FlowerDreams. Margaux is available in 8 color options and you get bonus color if you purchase the fatpack. Each include a HUD to change the lace or silk texture and sash. I am wearing powder pink today.
Designed to fit Freya//Hourglass//Kupra//Legacy//Maitreya+Petite

To match my pretty pink gown I have chose Booty’s Beauty Ema Eye Makeup. This set includes a subtle glitter shadow, liner and shadow that is tintable. This is designed for Lelutka EvoX mesh heads and BOM Only.

Now what is a princess without jewelry? !IT! has helped me out today to finish off my look with this gorgeous Victorian Set 2. You will find 6 options available for purchase or grab the fatpack for them all. Each has a HUD to change metals and gems. Includes earrings and necklace.

Dont you just love my face? I am a huge fan of Wren’s Nest shapes. You can find Karys as well at the event. Included is starter shapes, brow and style card!! This shape was designed for Lelutka Kaya.

Lastly my pose! M&T Garage Fabulous pose will make you feel just that! FABULOUS!!
This pose set includes pose stand, and 4 female static bento poses.

That is all for me today!! Have a wonderful day and stay safe. ♥

Head – Lelutka EvoX – Kaya
Body – Maitreya – Lara
Shape – Wren’s Nest – Karys
Skin – The Skinnery – Julia (Toffee)
Hair – Doux – Rose

Bootys Beauty – Sedona (Lipstick)

LODE – Rockfoils (Light Pink) [Previous Gacha]

Pose – M&T Garage – Fabulous (Swank Event)
Backdrop – Foxcity – New Beginnings

A Little Glamour

A little Glamour

We all love luxury and really why shouldn’t we. You look at your space and see beauty and elegance it makes you feel good and love your surroundings. That is what is waiting for you at Swank Hollywood Glam Event until April 30.

You will find this gorgeous collection designed by Swank & Co.
Glamour Collection is absolutely stunning and a must to have addition to your SL living.
Fatpack is available with all the White Shimmer Sofa and all other furnishings. (See image below)

Glamour Sofa Bed (ADULT) is available in 14 color options, including 190 dedicated making love, watching TV, Coffee & Breakfast Trays
Pillow texture Change Menu with Solid & Pattern Prints.
Glamour Console Cabinet
Glamour End Table and Martini Table
Glamour Chandelier
Glamour Mirror & Dandelions Wall Art
Glamour Floor Lamp

Not shown but available in the collection is
Glamour Crystal Fireplace & Panels Wall Unit
Glamour Cabinet
Glamour Drapes & Crystals
Glamour Fur Rug

Swank & Co. Galmour Collection Fatpack

Additional Décor Used
MudHoney – Teardrop Sconce
Mithral – Funnel Pot Plant Set
Onsu – Holly Skybox
Bricolage – Philodendron Plant

Let The Children Fly

Let the Children Fly

Give them love and a little cue,
They are the flowers with different hues.

Teach them to be fearless and strong,
Be their guiding light when they go wrong.

Learn to give upon them never,
Your love is what they long forever.

Give them time to spread their wings,
They sure will break every jinx.

A tight hug and a big smile
Will help them walk the extra mile.

Never compare them with their friends;
That may set a wrong trend.

Forgive them often now and then,
That’s the doing of great men.

Keep an eye on where they tread;
They may track on the road unread.

Always be there when they need you;
Your presence will help them fight the blues.

Tell them the difference between right and wrong,
So that they float easily on life’s song.

Listen to them even if you have no time,
That little jesture may settle things fine.

Do not hold them; let them fly.
Their limit may be beyond the sky.

Give them values for the life,
So that they never fail to strive.

Teach them to be good human beings,
To make this world better than it’s been.

They are the greatest family treasure;
Cherish the time spent in leisure.

Let the bond strengthen day by day;
Nurture the relationship all through the way.

For once they go out, and sure they will,
Fragrance of sweet memories will linger still. – Pooja K Karki

Swank & Co. KidsSweetheart Dress includes dress and panties.
Designed to fit BeBe///Toddleedoo Fitted

Sascha’s DesignBrachen Outfit is available in 8 color options or fatpack, each include sweater, blouse (not shown) and pants.
Designed to fit Freya//Hourglass//Kupra//Legacy+Perky//Maitreya//Reborn

Head – Lelutka EvoX – Avalon
Body – Maitreya – Lara
Shape – Eudora Beauty – Jordan
Skin – Not Found – Joy (Peach)
Hair – Doux – Morning

Footwear – KC – Aria Heels

Head – Toddleedoo – Baby Mesh Head Alex
Body – Toddleedoo – Baby Mesh Body
Skin – enfer sombre – Kimi (Peach)
Hair – Kuni – Serenity

Footwear – AppleBerry – Jennies Shoes

Blanket – Nani – Cozy Camp – Picnic Blanket (previous Gacha)

Pose – Foxcity – Little Witch
Backdrop – CK Elite Studios – Spring Blossoms (no longer available)

Don’t Lose my Number

Don't Lose my Number

Usually when i am working I can be found at a club sitting at the bar chilling to the tunes while i write my blog, check reports, harass people and so on. It makes the time go by faster.
So here I am at Muddy’s listening to Phil Collins – Don’t lost my number. So it got me thinking, did this song ever make the top 10… so here I go digging.

So I can’t find exact details but it is in his top 10 best Phil Collins songs

Don’t Lose My Number” is a song by Phil Collins from his third solo album No Jacket Required. The single was not released in the UK, though it peaked at No. 4 in the U.S. in September 1985. The B-side, “We Said Hello Goodbye” was released as a bonus track on the CD for No Jacket Required. In Australia, the single was released with the title “(Billie) Don’t Lose My Number See Here for More.

Some amazing finds you get at this round of Swank until February 28.

Wrens NestFlorie includes 4 base shapes, 3 brow shapes and style card. Shapes are copy/mod.

Booty’s BeautyLaila Shadow is designed for Lelutka Evo X, includes 12 BOM shadows.

Heartsdale JewelleryDhoom Machalay Collection includes earrings and necklace, HUD to customize cord and gems.

Head – Lelutka EvoX – Fleur
Body – Maitreya – Lara
Shape – Wren’s Nest – Florie
Skin – The Skinnery – Cherry (Sorbet)
Eyes – Az Design – Reel Eyes
Hair – Doux – Indigo

Swank & Co – Frills & Busty Mini Dress

Pose – Foxcity – Oki Doki
Backdrop – Foxcity – Starstruck