Fight It.

Fight it.

Being a survivor of just about anything seems like an awesome thing to have happen. People thing wow you are a survivor. I am not sure about the rest of us survivors but I still battle everyday. See having cancer totally changes your life. Sure I survived it. What they do not tell you is the after effects of chemo/radiation treatments. These alone will stay with you for years and years changing you. Mentally, physically and emotionally you just get drained. No one prepared me for what was going to happen after treatments, they didnt prepare me for bone loss at the site of radiation, the emotional damage it did on my marriage or to my kids seeing me so ill. What they did say was hey we gave you the highest dose of radiation possible, that will give you a cancer in the future. We can’t tell you when but its a guarantee. Here I am going on 13 years post treatment and I try not to think about it. I guess this photo for my post reflects to me on how it makes you feel. Or anything for that matter. It is heavy, it is scary and so many people go through this with different things, depression, loss of a loved one, cancer, diseases, just about anything that pokes its way into our space of happy. Be strong, be there for each other, because recovery is a long winding road.

So lets get on about some good things. Like SHOPPING! I know we all deserve to look damn good event when we are down.

Blackstone Store has this cute outfit at Shiny Shabby until April 15

BlackstoneDemi Outift includes shorts & Blouse available in 10 color options 5 color options for belt. Fatpack has all on HUD to mix & match.
Designed for Kupra//Legacy// Maitreya

Lybra has these awesome platforms available at Uber Event until April 22.

LybraMimi is available in 16 color options 2 fatpacks or premium pack (includes bonus colors)
Designed for Belleza//Kupra//Legacy//Maitreya//Slink.

Head – Lelutka EvoX – Avalon
Body – Legacy – Female Body
Shape & Skin – 7 Deadly Skins – Nessa
Hair – Argrace – Konohana

Earthstones – Eternally Wedding Set
Supernatural – Serena Necklace

Pose – Foxcity – Climber
Backdrop – Foxcity – Spiral Staircase

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